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Our wines.

We are currently making four kind of wine: Valtellina Superiore d.o.c.g., Sforzato di Valtellina d.o.c.g., Rosso di Valtellina d.o.c. and Alpi Retiche Nebbiolo i.g.t. All of them are traditional style, qualitative, small-quantity wines. How we make them: the most important thing is working in the vineyard, because it is essential to start from high quality grapes and manipulating them the less possible during the vinification process. In the vineyard we work in this way: plants are grown according to Guyot method, in order to keep low yeald per hectar; in our old vineyards, which are the most part, we changed old wodden poles and wires in order to allow the grapes to ripen to the best; when we started our activity, we decided to keep the old vineyards without replanting them, in order to preserve the genetic variability of the plants. Because of our beautiful vineyards are terraced ones, we are forced to do everithing by hand: no mechanization at all is possible. We do not use any herbicides: we cut the grass instead. As for spraying the vineyards, we follow the “integrated pest control” rules, which means using the less possible pesticides and only when it is strictly necessary, according the weather conditions and the presence of deseases and insects. In the cellar whe work like this: the grapes are fermented using natural yeasts living on the skins (for all the wines apart from Sforzato di Valtellina d.o.c.g.); there is a very low sulphites in our wines: around 40-50 mg/lt; we do not clarify the wines and make only a mild filtration before bottling.

Valtellina superiore d.o.c.g Sforzato d.o.c.g. Rosso di Valtellina d.o.c. Alpi retiche nebbiolo i.g.t. Vecchie annate

Valtellina superiore d.o.c.g.

LE STRIE – VALTELLINA SUPERIORE D.O.C.G. 2009: Nebbiolo grape variety 100%.
It is the wine with which we started our activity.
After hand picking the grapes we take them to our cellar where they are crashed, destemmed and fermented using only natural yeasts living on the skins. The wine is allowed to mature for about two years in large oak barrels and then for about six years in bottle. In this way the wine can express its entire potential as far as elegance and finess is concerned.

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Sforzato d.o.c.g.

LE STRIE – SFORZATO DI VALTELLINA D.O.C.G. 2014, Nebbiolo grape variety 100%.
We pick the grapes using small cranes containing five kg each; the grapes are allow to naturally dry for about three months.
Vinification: in stainless steel vats with selected yeasts; the wine stays in large oak barrels for about two years to mature.
After bottling we lay the wine for four more years in bottle before selling.
It is a special expression of Nebbiolo: a full-bodied and structured wine but at the same time very fresh and easy to drink.
To make the most out of this wine, it is better to drink it along with roasted meat, game, mature cheeses.

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Rosso di Valtellina d.o.c.

Rosso di Valtellina doc 2019: Nebbiolo grape variety 100%.
Vinification in stainsteel vats, spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts. Very short maceration: only seven days, two delestages and then draining off. After the conclusion of malolactic fermentation and racking off, the wine is moved into big oak barrels where it stays for about six months. Then we bottle the wine and allow it to mature in bottle for six more months before selling. It is a young Nebbiolo, fresh and mineral, quite similar to our Alpi Retiche Nebbiolo igt "Sassifraga", but it differs because of more structure and softness due to the oak.

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Alpi Retiche nebbiolo i.g.t.

Alpi Retiche Nebbiolo igt “Sassifraga" 2018: Nebbiolo grape variety 100%.
This wine is vinified and allowed to mature in stailess steel vats only; spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts. Maceration: very short; only seven days and the we drain the wine off.
Our aim is getting a very traditional, fresh and mineral wine to be drunk no longer than five years.

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Old wintages

Going back in time along with “Nebbiolo the king”: a very exiting experience!
Only for visitors coming and see us a tour cellar, a small number of old Valtellina Superiore d.o.c.g. are available: vintages 2005-2006-2007-2008.

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